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Alumah Schuster

Kohenet, Chaplain, Death Doula, Creatrix of Scent, and Teacher of Embodied Knowing

“It is deep, deep who can discover it.”


About Alumah

I have been a seeker all my life: searching for what lies beyond, beneath, and between that which is seemingly apparent.  A simple glance will not do; a deep, penetrating, peering gaze is always necessary. This watching and witnessing have taken me on many mysterious pathways of study, movement, and reflection all of which have led me to viscerally feel and know that which lies within.

My Specializations



Body Practices


Hospice Chaplain

Death Doula


Kohenet Alumah Schuster combines deep wisdom of the spirit with profound knowledge of Jewish tradition.  She is dedicated to expanding consciousness through meaningful ritual, movement, learning, prayer, and herbal support.  Alumah is a curator of spaciousness, teaching the body how to release, the mind how to create new paths of thought, and the heart how to let go.  She brings a grounded grace and compassion to the life of the soul.  In her work as a hospice doula as well as her work as a ritualist, she is able to profoundly listen to and address the needs of those she is witnessing.  Alumah is adept in the decoding of Hebrew words to make spiritual meaning, which enhances her leadership of study and prayer.  Her leadership releases sparks of holiness in all who encounter her.

Rabbi Jill Hammer, PhD

Kohenet Alumah Shuster embodies an emerging prophetic tradition that spans across cultures, and yet is rooted deeply in particular lineages including that of the Hebrew Priestess of which she is a core member. She is incredibly gentle and kind, and remarkably insightful and bold — and thus her leadership and teaching style is perfectly suited to bringing down a prophetic vision that can empower, heal, awaken, and transfigure. Alumah seeks to uncover the tracks of the infinite in the material world — our bodies, the green growing things, our animal relatives, the celestial bodies, and the way they dance together. Her gift is to illuminate this infinite trace in each physical manifestation. She pays deep attention to those she tends and teaches, regarding each insight and question as a key to the truth — and leading each one through that door they've opened themselves. It is these doorways, these portals, these thresholds that she uses as her teaching tools - and they are right in front of us, all the time — in our hands, our hips, our voices, our desires, our worries, our dreams, the landscapes we call home. She is a gatekeeper and welcomes each truth-seeker across the thresholds that she holds as holy.

Adam Sher, General Manager,
Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center

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