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About Alumah

I have been a seeker all my life: searching for what lies beyond, beneath, and between that which is seemingly apparent.  A simple glance will not do; a deep, penetrating, peering gaze is always necessary. This watching and witnessing have taken me on many mysterious pathways of study, movement, and reflection all of which have led me to viscerally feel and know that which lies within.

Having been drawn to studying words and stories, I learned the art of looking between, beyond, and beneath bodies of text. This way of study has the power to call forth archetypical images, rekindling a knowing long ago forgotten. 


Over thirty years ago I received my certification in aromatherapy and master blending. This work has taught me the art of helping my clients awaken their emotions and connect to their ground of being to heal. 

Firmly rooted in body practices as a yoga teacher of 25 years, I am a certified RYT in Hatha Yoga, have a certification in Yoga and Jewish Spirituality, as well as being trained in the somatic practice of Unified Body Method. I love watching the effects of the gentle unfurling of body and breath that leads to the roots of one's being and an embodied knowing. My deep commitment to learning thru embodiment opens others to remove and drop their outer garments to reveal their inner light, under the skin, revealing true nature and wisdom. 

Through my Priestess ordination from The Kohenet Institute, I was inspired by the power of ritual, prayer leading, and the Divine Feminine. With deep reverence for tradition, the earth, the body, and text I lead and guide, increasing the arc of devotion.

As a Hospice Chaplain, I sit with those ready to transition, listening to stories, anointing them with oils, praying with them, entering the silent spaces, and, at times, breathing their last breath with them. It is here where, in a profound way, I have learned to value both the power of silence and the stories behind that silence.

Continued study as a certified End of Life Death Doula, I witness and hold the space for souls at the precipice of their lives, as I join with them face to face, soul to soul, experiencing the holiness of Presence.  By preparing legacies, rituals, and a greater understanding of what lies ahead for them and their loved ones, I aim to help release fear and phobia around death and offer comfort.

The modalities I work with all open and create pathways to reconnect, to remember, and to rekindle that which is often hidden from us or that which we have forgotten.  By opening our bodies, our senses, our hearts, our eyes, and our ears to the beauty of self, we come to center and are able to dwell in that place. With reverence, irreverence, and fiery creativity, I help others to see and become the luminous bodies of being they truly are. 

Grateful for my many teachers on the way, Rabbis Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Jill Hammer, Shir Yaakov, David Ingber, Rami Shapiro, Myriam Klotz, Goldie Milgram, and the wisdom of Taya Shere, Diane Bloomfield, Father Jo-jo Orosa, Michale Scholes, and Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD.

Living in the woods amidst a cacophony of sound and beings, I tend to my love of beauty and nature, with a devout connection to creation and the life that surrounds me. Perhaps it is this space that has been one of my greatest teachers and nurturers guiding me in my passion for the body of this world and the body of my work.

Education and Certifications

University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee), 1996–1999

Masters of Comparative Literature

Siegal College of Judaic Studies, 2000–2003

Masters of Jewish Studies

Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center, 1996–1999

Jewish Spirituality and Yoga Teacher Certification

Kohenet Training Institute, 2012–2015

Ordained Hebrew Priestess

Alexian Village, 2016–2018

Chaplaincy Training and Internship (2 CPE units)

St. Camillus Campus, 2018–2020

Chaplaincy Training and Internship (2 CPE units)

School of Accompanying the Dying, 2018

Certified Death Doula


There is a force within
which gives you life
seek that


In your body
lies a priceless gem
seek that

O wandering soul
if you want to find
the greatest treasure
Don’t look outside
look inside and seek that



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