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Body Practices

The human body
is not an instrument to be used,
but a realm of one's being
to be experienced, explored,
enriched, and thereby educated.
–Thomas Hanna

As a child, I was always drawn to the realm of the body, its outer movements, the depth of its inner stirrings. Experiencing and exploring every subtle movement, each act of mobility enriched and educated me. How my foot landed on the earth, the opening of my chest with each deeper breath, the sheer joy of dancing at dawn, were ways that taught me how to live in this world with this body that held something greater than me.  But, it wasn’t until I began the study of body practices thirty years ago, that I found — and am still finding — the great depth of wisdom our bodies hold. By tapping into this wisdom, through listening and careful attention, the act of unfurling to an embodied knowing begins.

I offer one-on-one classes, workshops, and retreats in Wisconsin (where I currently live) and at retreat centers, synagogues, and yoga studios around the country.

Contact Alumah to book a session or learn more.

Hatha Yoga

In my Hatha teachings, it is alignment that matters.  An alignment that moves towards grounding and opening at the same time. With slow transitions and long holds of postures, fed with the breath, we learn to marvel at this shrine which is the body. 


Torah Yoga

There is an idea that Divinity can only be reached thru either sacred text or sacred space. The body offers both.  Through the practice of Torah Yoga, we see the text of the body as Torah and the space of the body as holy.  A line of text is offered and worked through the whole practice until we feel it in our very being. The mystical Zohar text notes that the soul of a human being can only be felt thru the limbs of the body. Here, we use our limbs to awaken the Torah inside, each reach, each step, is imbued with energy. We delve into the body and read it as sacred text, discovering its hidden secrets.

Image by Jay Mantri

Unified Body Method 

Unified Body Method is an inward practice focusing on entering the body with subtle somatic movements, joint manipulations and breath.  We explore and differentiate each limb of the body and then bring them all together with sequences that yoke imagination and felt sense to the center of this practice. I provide people with a safe space to tap into the dimensional aspects of their bodies-- the holiness of their bodies --through touching the empty spaces within. Through this touching we experience what exists, lives and rests in these bodies of ours and in all the spaces between.


Alumah was one of my first Teacher/Students. She added a great wealth of knowledge and helped shape the program we developed together: “The Unified Body Method.” Without her, the program would not have been successful. She was one of the most dedicated practitioners I had ever met, her practice schedule was daily and she walked in the light of her time spent in quiet movement and meditation. She understands the somatic approach and has become a strong voice and body to the community she serves.

Erik B. Knuth,
Founder, Unified Body Wellness Institute

The spiritual vulnerability Alumah shares made me feel safe and allowed me to go deeper. The bodywork, especially, has changed my life.  I experienced healing I did not know I needed and deeper healing of my trauma. 

Sabrina Sojourner,
“Rebuilding the Temple of the Body” workshop participant

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